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Jonathan Mendoza, DC, RN, FNP-C, AKA “Nurse Doza”Meet Jonathan Mendoza, or "Nurse Doza," a pivotal figure in our Circle community and a national authority in functional medicine, especially renowned for his expertise in liver health. Nurse Doza's approach combines deep knowledge in metabolic health, hormone balance, and personalized supplementation, making him a beacon for those seeking a holistic path to wellness.

At his Austin-based clinic, Nurse Doza has pioneered health solutions like personalized lab work and vitamin-infused IVs, significantly impacting liver health and overall well-being. His role extends beyond treatment, as he co-founded the Mendoza Sports & Wellness (MSW) Nutrition supplement line, focusing on high-quality, health-enhancing products.With an impressive educational background in chiropractic and nursing, and as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Doza's commitment to functional medicine and education is at the heart of his work. In the Circle community, he stands as a mentor and guide, helping members navigate their health journeys with a particular emphasis on liver function and holistic health strategies.

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